The internal features of our centralized client data information system include the following: MFA; Third-party integrations; Data Mapping; Permission Management; IT Asset Tracking; In-System Search; Accounting Module; Meeting Module; and an HR Module.

All data stored in SyncMonkey is enforced with 2-factor authentication that comes with Authy push integration, full data encryption, and automatic session termination upon log-in with another device. Additionally, security has been increased to ensure that decrypted data is never stored on disks, and keys are only accessible to the server upon access.

SyncMonkey allows users to label their account & service types, add company logos, and change themes. It can be easily integrated with popular CIM programs such as: ConnectWise, Authy, Moneris, and more. The extensions library allows for simple installation of available integrations with 3rd party services, with more extensions coming soon.

Additional features include:


SyncMonkey keeps track of all your current software license agreements, employee birthdays, domains and more, and then notifies users whenever an item is close to expiring. This feature helps your company stay organized and up to date with all their licensing.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

A secure way to ensure that only the appropriate parties have login access into SyncMonkey. In addition to using a traditional password, a user must complete a secondary step for access such as a fingerprint, a code sent to the registered smartphone, or confirmation of an authentication push through a secondary, secure application.

Third-Party Integrations

SyncMonkey is compatible with several third-party systems and software programs. Some of the third-party integrations include ConnectWise, Authy, and Moneris, with additional integrations constantly being developed.

Permission Management

This feature allows SyncMonkey users to grant and revoke permissions for certain files, folders, and modules. SyncMonkey stores sensitive client information so permission management is a key security feature within our system.

IT Asset Tracking

A way for IT companies to keep an organized list of IT inventory for each client with matching identification numbers. Whether your team has asset tags or tracks via serial number, SyncMonkey can simplify the process and ensure your inventory lists are clean and well-defined.

In-System Search

The SyncMonkey in-system-search allows users to quickly access documents, companies, employees, and more, based on key search words. This search covers the entire platform, eliminating the need to hunt client by client for specific information.

Mobile Application

While SyncMonkey is web-based to allow for convenient access to client data on the go, we are currently in development of a SyncMonkey mobile app to add extra features and convenience wherever and whenever you need it.

Supported Extensions



Payment Processors

Additional CRM/RMM Integrations